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App Note 001 - Pause & Resume Call Recording


While LiveOps stores audio recordings in encrypted format, there are circumstances where an agent needs to pause a recording during the middle of a call. This feature is not currently available in the platform, but a work around is available.


Overview of Solution

Since call recording can be controlled by campaign, recording can be effectively paused when the agent creates a 3 party conference with a campaign configured to not record calls. When the conference ends, recording is resumed. During playback, an audible tone is heard when the conference is created and when it ends. Silence is recorded during the conference and the total recording time equals the call time.


Configuration Steps

  1. Create a Call Flow by navigating to Routing –> Call Flows.


  1. Click on the CREATE NEW CALL FLOW button and enter the call flow name “Pause Audio Recording”. Click on Save.


  1. Add the Play Audio Loop Call Action to the Arrival tab. Select the Loop audio indefinitely option.


  1. Select a recording from the “LiveOps Queue” audio library called “common:silence:2000ms”.


  1. Click on SAVE CHANGES button and check in the Call Flow.


Figure 1 - Completed Call Flow



  1. Navigate to Routing –> Campaigns


  1. Select the Add New Campaign button.


  1. Enter the name “Pause Audio Recording” and select Call Flow Based for the Routing Class option.


Figure 2 - Call Flow Based Campaign




  1. Select the Pause Audio Recording for the Call Flow in the General tab.


Figure 3 - Call Flow Association for the Pause Audio Recording Campaign



  1. Select the Recording tab and turn off Audio and Screen Recording options.


Figure 4 - Disable Recording Options




  1. Agents need to have the ability to conference the Pause Audio Recording Campaign so a speed dial target is required. Navigate to Configure –> Speed Dial –> Targets. Click on Add New Target.




  1. Select “Campaign” from the Target Type drop down list and “Pause Audio Recording” from the Campaign drop down list.



  1. Enter “Pause Recording” in the Alias field. Click on the Save button when done.


Figure 5 - Speed Dial Target Settings




  1. Add the new Target to a Speed Dial list by navigating to Configure –> Speed Dial –> Lists. Select an existing Speed Dial list by clicking on the Edit List link from the Actions column. Select the Targets tab.


Figure 6 - Adding Pause Recording Target to Speed Dial List




  1. Click on the Add Target to List link and select the Pause Recording from the drop down list. Click on the Save button when done.


  1. Repeat adding Targets to existing Speed Dial lists as required.


  1. Make sure that Speed Dial lists with the Pause Recording target is associated with any Campaigns that require agent initiated audio recording control.



Using the Solution


To pause a recording, the agent will need to use the Conference feature from LiveOps Phone Panel or Engage while on an active call. Ending the conference resumes recording.  Silence will be heard in the recording for the duration of the conference.


Figure 7 - Using Conference to Pause Recording

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