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Chat Tips & Tricks

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Chat Tips and Tricks


  • If you want to chat with a specific user, type the first couple of letters of their name and then press the Tab key. This will automatically fill in the remaining letters of the username.


  • Note—If there is a 'Sam' and 'Samuel' and you want to chat with 'Samuel', then you need to enter 'Samu' to get 'Samuel'.


  • To retype a previous message, use the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard to cycle through your previous messages.


  • If a script did not pop for a particular call, you can click on the link next to the system message "Popping screen for..." This link will reopen the correct script for that particular call.


  • The System Messages tab contains the list of your most recent calls.


  • You can resize the Chat window. To do so, click and drag on any edge or corner of the window.


  • Emoticons (smiley faces) can be used by typing the appropriate text code
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