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Configuring Dashboard Warning & Alert Thresholds

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Go to Monitor – Dashboard Configuration – Thresholds – Add Threshold

Select the name of the dashboard view you wish to add the alert to in ‘select view’ and the metric you will want to select is ‘Queue Now’.




You can choose whether you want to have both a warning and an alert. So you might want one noise to tell you there is one call in the queue and a different one to tell you there is a second call in the queue. Or you can be notified just the once.

If you want both then drag the curser along so that the warning is on 1 and the alert is on 2 as per the image above.

If you just want an alert then click on the disable warnings button or just a warning, click on the disable alerts button.

To enable the colours and warning/alert noise then click on the notifications button to get to the screen below.




You can then choose your colour and sound for both the alert and the warning. Save your changes and you will be good to go. You may need to log out and in again to refresh the dashboard to its new settings.

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